Our Solutions Modules

We have developed a series of Solution Modules to address specific areas of business need common to all business owners. 


The Solution Modules are not intended to have a one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter approach to every business owner's concerns.  Each module must be tailored to fit the specific business owner's need.  The intent is to have a well-thought-out approach to typical concerns as a basis for solution.  The Solution Modules thus require less investment to develop a solution that works than would a start-from-scratch approach.  


Solution Modules are currently available in 9 key areas:

1.  BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION:  A Critical Must-Do to Clearly Define and Differentiate Your Business From Your Competition


Having a solid foundation to your business is a key element to its success.


Your Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and more must be well-thought out, defined, and communicated to your potential clients and staff.  They set direction, define your image/brand, clarify your message, and provide the framework to guide all future actions and decisions you make for your business.


Spell all this out and commit it to writing, before you begin developing your business plan and marketing plan, as these statements of principles are key components of each.

2.  OPERATIONAL BUSINESS PLAN:  Your Road Map to Success


Every business must have a good business plan in place.  Period.  In this module, we review the essential components of an effective business plan, focussing on development of the key factors for success of the business, and provide an outline of the business plan for the owner's use in developing the document.  Every section of the plan is thoroughly discussed and thought out, we provide input and advice every step along the way, and review the final document if desired.


The intended result is a completed business plan that the business owner can immediately implement with the understanding that the plan is a living document that must be updated as new information is available and results are realized.

3.  MARKETING PLAN:  From Start-up to Growth to Maturity to Transitioning, You Must Have a Plan for Marketing


This module assists the business owner in developing a comprehensive marketing plan that sets a practical course for, and well conveys, the message of how the business meets or exceeds the needs of its target market and positions the business as a leader in its services or products. A practical guide, setting out the strategies and tactics the business will use for positive results.

4.  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PLAN:  Implementing Your Marketing Plan


A marketing plan is only as good as its implementation.  In this module, we assist the business owner in creating an effective Business Development Plan for actually carrying out the marketing plan.


The BD Plan provides step-by-step direction, timelines,and task assignments to implement the strategies and tactics spelled out in the marketing plan.  This is a critical step in the overall marketing approach -- a step often not fully addressed by business owners.

5.  SALES PLAN:  Close the Sale in a Win-Win Manner


Closing the sale for the business's service or product is more than simply submitting a price quote.  This module assists the business owner in developing a sales plan that is focused on closing a win-win business transaction for both parties.


Emphasis is on how to prepare and present solid business proposals/offers, negotiation, and contractual terms.  The end result of the "sale" should be a win-win for all, thus providing the framework for continued business together.

6. FINANCIAL BUSINESS PLAN:  The Financing You Need, Why You Need It, Your Plan to Repay It


The end product of this module is a detailed Financial Business Plan with which to seek infusion of capital to your business.  It builds on the previously completed plans, providing the more detailed information required by financial lenders, specifically with regard to how any borrowed funds will be repaid, supported by a solid marketing and service/product customer service plan to achieve a satisfactory level of earnings. 

7.  DAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS PLAN:  Working ON Your Business, Not Just IN It


Having a well-conceived Operational Procedures Manual for your business serves to streamline and increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations.  This module provides the business owner with the knowledge and information required to develop an effective manual of policies and procedures for the daily operation of the business. The goal is to enable normal operations to be performed almost automatically, to guide staff without requiring constant input by the business owner -- allowing time for the owner to strategize and plan for the business.

8.  LEADERSHIP TEAM:  Don't Try to Do It All on Your Own -- Have a Team Like the Big Guys


A business owner should not try to run all aspects of their business alone. Rather, position yourself as the leaders of large corporations do, with their Boards of Directors and expert staff to advise them.  The purpose of this module is to identify the Leadership Team that will advise, encourage, and assist you in meeting your goals for your business -- in a practical, financially viable way.

9.  TACTICS DEVELOPMENT:  Controlling the Process


Effective collaterial marketing materials are essential to support the business development activities identified in the Marketing Plan.  Perhaps you need a website or a new brochure.  How do you go about it?  How do you make sure your message is fully integrated throughout all your marketing materials?  How do you stay in control of the process -- why do I need to maintain control?


While the business owner should expect good technical advice from the materials developers, the final authority and decision must remain the business owner's.  In this module, we discuss the process of materials development (tip:  you don't start with the end product producer), setting the parameters for the end result wanted, and maintaining control of the process to achieve the optimum product that communicates your passion and commitment to your clients/customers.

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